My SATA 1 TB hard drive failed. It has kind of 1 TB of records especially large choice of MP4, AVI, WMV and different video documents. that is Seagate SATA hard power that I made numerous partitions to run several Linux distros (Open Mandriva, OpenSuse, PCLinuxKDE, Ubuntu and Linux Mint). those walls are done in ext 3 or 4 file journaling system as root and home partitions for each of these distros and domestic partition of every Linux distro is wearing huge numbers of media files as mentioned above (notably Ubuntu, Open Mandriva and PCLinuxKDE however alas I cannot take into account the partition or sda numbers). i have tried connecting the tough drive from external SATA to USB dock with my pc laptop and sadly it did now not work and difficult drive stay absolute dead (no sound, no vibration and no spinning and so on). I’ve looked at the advice on several data recovery sites and found the most useful to be this rediff blog which seems unbiased. I would love to realize whether or not you oldsters would be capable of help me to recover all my media files which are now caught appreciably in Ubuntu, OpenMandriva and PCLinuxKDE home partitions. If you could, then how much that would cost? Of direction your fee quote will determine whether or not i will come up with the money for going ahead recovering my facts or truely forget about it.

I desired to peer if my facts may be recovered. My OS crashed and that i could not get admission to my HDD. I tried besides up Ubuntu to get entry to the files (become previously on windows 10), however in doing this I accidentally formatted one of the walls from NFTS to ext4. I cannot get entry to the files and want to recognize if this could be recovered. How a whole lot will this cost and what’s the lead time?

i was copying a few files and abruptly the outside hard power iced over. I simply unplugged it without preventing it nicely and now I can not get admission to my documents anymore. It says: F isn’t always handy. The disk shape is corrupted and unreadable. I can not do not forget losing the device or causing any other physical harm.

1tb Samsung external hard disk running on Linux software. The tool activates however isn’t regarded by means of my mac – neither in finder or in disk application.