I just love a good sports themed party with related discount party supplies! I thought it best to close off the month of April with a post dedicated to men. For the Month of May I will be focusing on women and mothers in the Home Party Supplies Business and Industry. This month long focus is a tribute to Mothers’ as we celebrate Mother’s Day!

Short shorts or knee shorts? Depends on why you are watching the game. My vote, short shorts. I believe it makes for easy mobility…more to see as well!

Is there a cure for the Playoff Fever? How about an NBA Playoff Basketball themed Home Party! As part of the make the men feel special and more, I am determined to make sure that men begin to enjoy the lavishness of the home party plan fun! It’s time to get all of your B-Ball loving friends together, fill the room with snacks and finger foods. An indoor version of a tailgating home party – or if you have the TV hook ups you can even take it outdoors!

The idea behind a Sports themed home party is ease for the host and guest.

What you will need:

1. Invitations : These are fairly easy. Do a Google images search for basketball images and look for pictures that are not copyright protected. Use this as the background for your invitation! All you need to do is print the pictures of and fill in the date of your party to create your own funvitations.

2. Food Glorious Food: Make sure food is plentiful and easily accessible! This is a great way to showcase your dish home discount party supplies. In fact, getting the guys to make their own nosh is highly recommended. I know plenty a man who loves to grill and have the ladies swoon over his abilities. Let him work it! This is a great avenue for Tupperware, Pampered Chef and Traveling Vineyard Wine Tasting Parties

3. Decorating Ideas – The internet is a great place to find basketball themed discount party supplies. Your local party supply store must not be overlooked. You can also get creative and make banners based on the NBA teams who’ll be the real entertainment at your home party.

* Have all attendees dress in their favorite players Jerseys…fun (also makes for good humor and banter and we each trash talk the others team).

* Logo based party supplies and decorations for the teams that will be playing using old sheets, art supply paper.

* Faux basketball hoops from wire hangers and a piece of cloth… you can even put bowls inside the hoops to serve your NBA Playoff Party snacks in true hoopster style.

4. May the best team win: The success of your home parties will follow as you gain the reputation of being the best home party planner in the neighborhood!

Creativity, thinking outside the box = Massive Online & Offline Success! For more tips on Home Party Plan Business Success, get my home party success tips through my free boot camp!