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Potential impact

The impact of the EuroDSD RTD programme can be described in terms of:

  • social objectives
  • added value for Europe
  • integration, innovation, and invention and bringing new products to the market
  • knowledge dissemination and communication and contribution to standards
  • giving structure to other and future research activities

Strategic impact

The focus will be on Europe-wide studies of natural history, pathophysiology and on the development of preventive, diagnostic and therapeutic interventions. This sector will include rare Mendelian phenotypes of common diseases.
The expected outcome should help identifying and mobilising the critical mass of expertise in order to:

  • shed light on the course and/or mechanisms of rare diseases, or
  • test diagnostic, preventive and/or therapeutic approaches, to alleviate the negative impact of the disease on the quality of life of the patients and their families, as appropriate depending on the level of knowledge concerning the specific (group of) disease(s) under study.
Project impact