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Welcome to Lübeck!

Lübeck is unique and wonderful. This is why UNESCO declared the existing cityscape to be a World Cultural Heritage Site in 1987. The water-enclosed Old Town with its roughly 1,800 listed buildings, historical alleyways and criss-crossed lanes is not, however, just pretty to the eye, but is also the hub of an extremely lively, major city with roughly 214,000 inhabitants.
Formerly as Free Hanseatic City, an independent state, Lübeck is now, in terms of size, the largest city in the region of Schleswig Holstein and claims for itself the title of the cultural capital of the north.
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University Lübeck

The profile of the University Lübeck is characterized by top research and academic teaching at the interface of medicine, sciences and technology. The university has a medical as well as a technical-scientific college and offers full length courses in human medicine, informatics / computer science, molecular biotechnology and computational life science.
In addition to c. 2,600 students 160 professors and 100 private lecturers work at the university. The university clinic comprises 21 wards with a total of 1,200 beds and 15 institutes for medical theory. With almost 5,000 persons employed the university together with the clinic belongs to the biggest employers of the Lübeck region.
The University Lübeck has carried its name since 2002. It was founded as the Medical Academy Lübeck in 1964. Scientifically there are strong bonds with the Medical Laser Centre Lübeck and the Research Centre Borstel (Centre for Medical and Bio Sciences). There are partnerships with universities in Bergen/Norway, Hangzhou/China, Budapest/Hungary, Tartu (Dorpat)/Estonia and Albuquerque/USA.
Concerning research the University Lübeck places particular emphasis on the special research fields of the DFG (German research association), the "Molecular Mechanisms of Inflammable and Degenerative Processes" and "Glycostructures in Biosystems - Description and Effect", in addition there is a clinical research group for "Neuroendocrinology" which deals with current issues of hormone research. In addition the university participates in the planning of a science and technology centre (Wissenschafts- und Technologiepark WTP) for an intensive transfer between the university and young entrepreneurs. []

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